• CH660 cone crusher inspection
  • CH660 cone crusher inspection
  • CH660 cone crusher inspection

CH660 cone crusher inspection

The initial cleaning or inspection, spot inspection can find some small defects or major safety hazards at the first time. After they are found, they can be solved as soon as possible to avoid the formation of larger failures in the future. The accident can be eliminated by detecting the signs of the accident as soon as possible. Invisible, this job is actually one of the important jobs of the crusher operator.

1. Check whether the boom bearing is leaking.

2. Open the inspection port on the lower frame.

3. Open the entry piston observation door.

4. Check the lubrication and hydraulic oil level and the oil return strainer.

5. Before starting the machine, make sure that there is no material in the crushing cavity and that there is no accumulated material on the arm of the lower frame.

6. Check the slack of the V-belt.

7. Check the looseness of various bolts.

8. Clean the air filter element and the radiator cooler element.

9. Check various pressure and temperature indications before and after starting and during operation.

10. Check whether the sound of the crusher and oil station is abnormal.


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