• Common faults of mine crushing equipment!
  • Common faults of mine crushing equipment!
  • Common faults of mine crushing equipment!

Common faults of mine crushing equipment!

At present, commonly used crushing equipment includes jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher.
The wear parts of jaw crusher mainly include movable jaw plate, fixed jaw plate, eccentric shaft and bearing. The wear parts of cone crusher mainly include concave, Mantle, main shaft, eccentric bushing. The wear parts of impact crusher is mainly blow bar.
(1) Defects of equipment structure. A large part of equipment wear is caused by defects in equipment installation, such as small gaps in structural parts, skewed structural parts, etc., resulting in unsmooth operation of equipment parts or uneven contact forces, resulting in serious local wear.
(2) The hardness of the material is too large. Material hardness is an important factor that affects the crushing efficiency of the crusher, and it is also the main factor that causes the wear of the tooth plate, the crushing cavity and other parts that directly contact the ore. The greater the hardness of the material, the greater the difficulty of crushing, so that the crushing efficiency of the crusher is reduced, the wear rate is accelerated, and the service life of the crusher is shortened.

(3) Improper feed size. If the feed size is improper, it will not only affect the crushing effect, but also cause severe wear of the tooth plate, thrust plate and liner. When the feed size is too large, the crusher with a sliding structure will be more severely damaged.
(4) The lubrication effect of the equipment is not ideal. Insufficient lubrication is the main cause of bearing wear. Because the bearing bears a relatively large load in production, the friction force of the bearing in operation is relatively large, and the bearing is subjected to severe wear.
(5) Environmental factors. Among the environmental factors, dust has the greatest impact on the crusher. The crushing operation of the crusher will produce a large amount of dust. If the sealing effect of the equipment is not good, the dust will damage the power system of the crusher on the one hand and cause serious wear and tear of the power system; on the other hand, it will affect the lubrication system of the crusher because of the dust. Into the lubrication part, it is easy to increase the wear of the lubricated surface.

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