• Teach you how to better replace metso HP500 liner
  • Teach you how to better replace metso HP500 liner
  • Teach you how to better replace metso HP500 liner

Teach you how to better replace metso HP500 liner

1. Notify dispatch of power failure, and electrician shall handle power failure procedures;

2. Confirm that the power supply of the crusher has been cut off, and mark the maintenance position of the operation box and correctly hang the maintenance card;

3, the lubrication pump pressure relief treatment;

4. Pull the pull rope switch for the mine belt and clean the pumice at the head of the belt;

5. Remove four large pieces, such as lifting outlet cover, cauldron, cover plate and fixed cone dust cover.During the hoisting process, the crane shall be commanded by special personnel and strictly abide by the hoisting operation rules;

6, split plate: clean the slag on the bolts of the plate, remove the locking bolt, remove the plate to check whether it can continue to use, if it needs to be replaced, immediately get a new plate.When using the hammer and sledge hammer, the hand holding the hammer shall not wear gloves and wear goggles, and there are monitoring personnel;

7, remove the fixed cone: check the size of ring gear (wheel) occlusion, start the hydraulic motor to rotate ring gear.This process must be supervised by a special person.When the cone to be determined is completely turned out, it will be lifted to the designated position;

8, dismantling the lifting cone: the process should be directed by a special person, the lifting process should be slow and steady, in order to prevent damage to the moving cone copper bearing;

9, check the counterweight, base plate, bearing bush, horizontal shaft (plate) and related parts;If the above parts need to be replaced and maintained, they should be reported to the leader immediately for relevant processing;

9 (2)

10, lifting the new cone: should conform to the requirements of the bearing rings and wire rope, carefully wipe the stains of moving cone axis root, lifting should slow down when put on the eccentric shaft, and a specialist nurse command, moving cone and the eccentric shaft is combined and should stop falling when not fully in place, this time should be link scheduling open lubrication pump 1 ~ 2 minutes, and then falling moving cone in place;

11. Lifting the new fixed cone: the process of placing must be gently slowed down, carefully check whether the fixed cone and gear slot are correctly matched, and whether the starting point of the fixed cone thread is consistent with the starting point of the matrix thread. If the above points are consistent, start the hydraulic motor and rotate the fixed cone to the discharge port to meet the production demand.This process also needs special care, check the size of gear matching degree;

12, the installation of the feeding plate: the feeding plate positioning pin alignment into the moving cone lock female hole inside, locking bolt, the use of sledgehammer notes with article 6;

13. Cover the locking bolt of the material tray with cloth and fill it with crushed ore for next disassembly;

14. Hoisting fixed cone dust cover, cover plate, large pot, feeding mouth protective cover and other four large pieces.theProcess notes are the same as article 5;

15. Restore the pressure valve of the lubrication pump and check whether the pressure meets the production requirements;

16. Reset the belt pulling rope, remove the overhaul card, switch the operation box to the automatic position, and clean up the site with tools;

17. After the above matters are handled, notify the dispatching to power the crusher.

Post time: Jan-11-2022