• Teach you how to repair the 10 major fault-prone parts of jaw crusher(5)
  • Teach you how to repair the 10 major fault-prone parts of jaw crusher(5)
  • Teach you how to repair the 10 major fault-prone parts of jaw crusher(5)

Teach you how to repair the 10 major fault-prone parts of jaw crusher(5)

9 Handling oversized materials

Since the raw material is mountain blasting stone, Komatsu PC360 excavator is used for loading, and Steyr dump truck is used for transportation, it is inevitable that materials with too large diameter will appear, which will affect the production efficiency of the coarse crusher.
After the super-large diameter stone enters the feed port of the coarse crusher, it will block the feed port and affect normal operation. The system has had a safety accident due to the processing of super-diameter materials. Therefore, the super-diameter materials in the wool must be processed before entering the feed port of the coarse crusher of the sand making line.
To deal with over-diameter materials, we adopt the pre-screening method, blasting method, crushing hammer crushing method, and squeegee lifting method for processing. The pre-screening is made of a 43kg/m grid screen with a mesh size of 400×400mm. During use, the rail is continuously impacted by the stone, and the deformation is large, and the removed super-diameter material is not easy to be transported away. The blasting method and the hammer crushing method can only process the super-diameter stones on the surface of the pile. However, the super-diameter stone in the pile cannot be dealt with, and the problem cannot be solved fundamentally;
It adopts the lifting method of lifting rod (hoisting), and setting the lifting rod (or erecting crane) on the side of each coarse crusher bin. The single drum winch (or crane) is used for lifting, and the lifting weight is not less than 5 tons. The stone is tied up with a steel wire and hoisted out, and the guns are concentratedly released, and then the loader is used to feed the material to the silo.
10 Handling the wheel key of the feeding belt

The spline connection between the feeder pulley and the shaft has a feather key phenomenon after long-term operation. Therefore, we squeeze or build up the rollers and then process them to the basic size. Manual arc welding is generally not recommended because it has a great influence on the material of the parts. Or electric welding reduces the keyway and angle grinder grinding processing method, or the keyway of the pulley is processed by the new spline fitting method. The surfacing layer is uniform and dense, without block loss, delamination, slag inclusion, cracks, burns, etc.; if the clearance between the spline tooth and the sleeve is less than 3% to 4% of the tooth width, no repair is allowed. Use The limit is 10%. For a fixed combination of small values, the positive and negative can be larger. At the same time, external bolts are used to fasten the steel plate to prevent the spline and pulley from shaking.

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