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    Enterprise Spirit

    Confidence, Diligently; Integrity, Innovation

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    Product Features

    The company mainly engaged in various brands of crusher parts and excavator parts, jaw crusher parts, cone crusher parts etc.

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    Quality Assurance

    Focus on customers; continuous improvement; mutually beneficial relationship with customers

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    Serving customers, developing enterprises, benefiting employees and repaying society.

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  • Teach you how to better replace metso HP500 liner

    1. Notify dispatch of power failure, and electrician shall handle power failure procedures; 2. Confirm that the power supply of the crusher has been cut off, and mark the maintenance position of the operation box and correctly hang the maintenance card; 3, the lubrication pump pressure relief tre...

  • What is the cone crusher laminated crushing?

    Cone crusher has become the development direction of crusher due to its simple structure, lighter body, high output, relatively stable work and easy realization of automatic control. The cone crusher has a better effect on crushing materials with medium hardness or above, and its compression rati...

  • Reasons for the fracture of the main shaft of the jaw crusher

    1. The performance of the equipment itself When making the eccenthc shaft, if the heat treatment is not done well, the fatigue resistance of the eccenthc shaft is reduced. Once it encounters relatively hard or unbreakable materials, resistance will be generated, which will increase the burden on ...

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