• Test run of GP200 cone crusher
  • Test run of GP200 cone crusher
  • Test run of GP200 cone crusher

Test run of GP200 cone crusher

1. cone crusher before starting to check the main connection fastening, the eccentric sleeve to rotate at least 2-3 circle with the hand rotation of the machine. Be flexible. No jamming phenomenon, can drive .

2. Before the start, should start pump. The lubricating oil obtained until all lubricating points, in order to start the cone crusher.

3. air transfer test, continuous operation shall not be less than 2 hours

4. airlift test should meet the following requirements:

(1) crushing cone around the center line to speed rotation shall not exceed 15 rpm.

(2) there shall be periodic bevel gear noise.

(3) to the oil pressure should be in the range of 1.5kgf/cm2 – 0.8

(4) the temperature of return oil shall not exceed 50 DEG C

(5). After test, the friction parts of cone crusher should not be stuck with copper, burn and wear

5. if the crusher cone speed produces a bad phenomenon, should immediately stop, check and check for correction. The amount of oil, and then re test.

6. if the bevel gear has periodic noise, you must check the correctness of the bevel gear installation, and check the bevel gear gap

GP200 has patented design of small gear. The main advantage of this design is low installation height. This reduces the installation cost, supporting structure needs smaller, so that the conveyor is short, GP cone crusher become mobile application the best solution. As long as the replacement of gaskets, the same crushers are used as level two, level three or four grade crusher. Each type has a lot of liner optimal design options, in order to ensure the ideal operation in a wide variety of applications.

Post time: Oct-21-2022