• What is the cone crusher laminated crushing?
  • What is the cone crusher laminated crushing?
  • What is the cone crusher laminated crushing?

What is the cone crusher laminated crushing?

Cone crusher has become the development direction of crusher due to its simple structure, lighter body, high output, relatively stable work and easy realization of automatic control. The cone crusher has a better effect on crushing materials with medium hardness or above, and its compression ratio control range is large, the output and quality are relatively good, the particle size of the product is also relatively uniform, and the energy consumption is also low.
The early cone crusher also has a shortcoming, that is, the finished product contains more needles and flakes, and the grain shape is not good enough. But after 1980, some scholars put forward the theory of lamination crushing. So, what exactly is laminate crushing?
The materials squeeze and grind each other, and break up at the cracks and defects. This process is called lamination crushing. Under normal circumstances, in the field operation of the cone crusher, only when the size of the material is large, or the size of the crushing cavity is small enough to form an effective crushing layer, can it be considered that single particle crushing has occurred, that is, only when The material at the feeding port and the discharging port will be broken into single particles. The material and the material will definitely squeeze each other, and most of them are broken under this condition, that is, the material is laminated and broken in other positions of the crushing cavity.
The theory of laminated crushing refers to the extrusion and crushing of materials in multiple layers in the crushing cavity. During the crushing process, the materials will not only be subjected to the squeezing force of the Mantle and Concave, but also squeeze between the materials. Collision, which truly reflects the crushing condition of the material in the crushing cavity.

Post time: Nov-19-2021